It’s been a while since fans have seen Emma in the ring as she was released from her WWE contract several months ago, but now she’s back in action.

The former WWE Superstar returned to the ring over the weekend, and she wrestled for Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Angelina Love in a match at a Wrestlepro event.

Emma used her real name, Tenille Dashwood, and she managed to defeat Angelina Love when it was all said and done.

You can check out video from the match below.

Taya Valkyrie recently spoke to Channel Guide Magazine about the differences between working for Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, and she compared it to jumping back and forth between two different comic book universe.

“I look at it the same way as a DC universe and Marvel universe. There is the Impact universe and Lucha Underground universe. From the way I carry myself to my moves to my finisher to my entrance. I’m not associated with a group here. I’m on my own for the first time. Taya here is a killer here. She is a bad ass. She takes nothing and knows she is the best. I feel like Taya on Lucha Underground is a different type of heel where Taya from Impact doesn’t run from a fight. She will stare it in the face and rip the person’s head off. Taya from Lucha Underground would hide from a fight and hide behind Johnny Mundo. Push him into the fire. Then collect the prize afterward. She is more of a cheater and conniver. It’s a completely different dynamic. Its super fun to be able to have these two completely characters. A lot of people say when Lucha starts back, will I bring Taya Valkyrie to Lucha. I don’t think so because I like having these two different people I get to play. The scenarios are very different. The Impact Zone is different than The Temple on Lucha. The style is different.”