There was a lot of hype leading up to WWE Clash at the Castle and Drew McIntyre vs. Damian Priest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was without a doubt one of the most anticipated matches.

The match main evented the show and Drew McIntyre made his entrance first. The Scottish Warrior got a special entrance as he was played to the ring by bagpipes. The fans went crazy for Drew as he played more of a babyface role during his entrance while he signed an autograph and acknowledged several fans. As Damian Priest was making his entrance the fans tried to drown his music out by chanting for Drew McIntyre.

Early on in the match Drew was on the outside and Damian Priest jumped up to the middle rope, but got his foot stuck in between the top and middle ropes as he was trying to jump to the outside to attack Drew McIntyre. The challenger took advantage of the situation when he attacked Damian Priest while he was stuck. The champion then started to sell a leg injury as he limped around the ring.

Drew McIntyre got the upper hand and went for the Claymore, but Damian Priest rolled out of the ring. McIntyre then exited the ring and put Damian Priest through the barricade with a Claymore. Back in the ring Drew went for the Claymore again, but the champion countered with South of Heaven.

Damian Priest hit a hurricanrana on Drew off the top rope and Drew immediately followed up with a Claymore for a close two count. Drew shoved Damian Priest into the corner and Damian accidentally knocked the referee off the apron. McIntyre hit another Claymore, but the referee wasn’t around to count the pin. Another referee came running down to the ring and counted to two then stopped. The camera then showed the ref’s face and it turned out to be CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre shoved CM Punk into the corner and Punk hit him with a low blow then exited the ring. As Drew got back up Damian Priest hit South of Heaven as the original referee got back in the ring and counted to three. CM Punk hung out at ringside with a few fans as Damian Priest celebrated with his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.