cm punk

Fans have been waiting over four years to see CM Punk return to the ring, but Punk has been focused on his MMA career, and he hasn’t given fans any indication that he wants to return.

However, Punk did get a lot of people talking when he was recently announced for a meet and greet at Pro Wrestling Tees in Chicago the day before the big All In event on September 1st.

The Young Bucks have said that they would like for Punk to appear at the event, and Punk’s meet and greet was also mentioned during the press conference.

Now the host of the press conference, Jenn Sterger, is claiming that CM Punk was backstage at the event.

“If you got your tickets at face value for this event, I’m just saying it literally might be the best in the world,” Sterger told the Collider Bodyslam podcast via Pro Wrestling Sheet. “I will only say someone wearing sweatpants and training for something walked into the back of the building that the press conference was in — with marks, mind you, lining the entire sidewalks in the front of the building — and I just kept thinking ‘if they knew you were back here, they would literally tear down the front of the store.’”

She noted that Punk was there to pick up shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees, but at the moment no one involved with the event will confirm or deny if Punk will be making an appearance.

Right now Punk’s possible involvement with the event seems to be nothing more than speculation, but with All In selling out in just 30 minutes, it’s safe to say that Punk would probably receive a warm welcome from the 10,000 plus fans in attendance.