cm punk

Whether you’re a fan of The Young Bucks or not, you have to admit that they know how to market themselves, and in September The Bucks and Cody Rhodes will be financing their “All In” show at the Sears Centre in Illinois.

The goal for the event is to get 10,000 people to attend, and The Bucks seem confident that they will reach that goal.

Ever since the event was announced, there’s been a lot of talk about who may, or may not be appearing at the event, and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are two stars who the team hoped to get.

Bryan confirmed that he won’t be appearing due to contractual obligations, and now that he’s been cleared he’s expected to sign a new contract with WWE when his current deal expires in September.

The Young Bucks recently spoke to Sporting News about the event, and they confirmed that they would like Punk to join the card, but they’re confident that 10,000 people will attend either way.

Matt Jackson: “I will say this: I text message Punk on a weekly basis. We’re good friends. We talk wrestling. He still loves wrestling, of course he does. We’re pro wrestlers. That’s what we do. Even when you quit or retire or whatever, it’s still in your blood.”

Nick Jackson: “Hell yeah I would like those guys [Punk and Daniel Bryan]. Those names would be icing on the cake. … But I don’t think we need them to get to 10,000. With the card we have in mind, I think that should do it.”

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