chris jericho

Chris Jericho isn’t just one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, he’s also a rock star, and sometimes he likes to party like a rock star. Jericho has been busy touring with Fozzy as of late, and over the years Fozzy have become friends with some of the most popular rock bands in the world.

One band that Chris Jericho seems to get along with is Anthrax, and during a recent appearance on Rock 100.5’s Bailey and Southside, Jericho shared a story about a time when things got a little out of hand when he was hanging out with the band after a WWE event (via Wrestling Inc).

“We were in Nuremberg, Germany a couple of months ago and we just happened to be in the same hotel as Anthrax. They had the day off, so they came to our show. And then, afterwards, you have catering after a wrestling show. When we’re done, we go back to the hotel and have catering. So I started having some cocktails with Frankie [Bello] and Jon [Donais] from Anthrax, which led to a complete trashing of the catering room at about 6 in the morning to where nobody could eat breakfast there. They had to move catering. Like Rusev is down there, like Cesaro is down there, ‘we want breakfast. The catering was trashed. We have to go upstairs. Who did that?’ ‘Anthrax. Freaking Anthrax, man. It’s Anthrax’s fault.’ It was more my fault than anything, but I just blamed them, ‘you know those Anthrax guys are crazy!'”

Although it sounds like Chris Jericho and Anthrax had a good time, their antics probably caused quite a few WWE superstars to have a very bad time as they probably woke up expecting breakfast.

Jericho always says that he’s the best in the world at what he does, unfortunately for anyone in the WWE who was looking to eat, he chose to be the best in the world at trashing catering during WWE’s latest trip to Germany.

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