vince mcmahon

TNA is now known as Impact Wrestling, and at this point their weekly television show has switched nights, time slots and networks quite a few times.

But back in 2010 the wrestling promotion was still on Spike TV, and they decided to make the move to Monday nights in order to go head to head with WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

Unfortunately for TNA officials, the move didn’t work out as well as they had hoped it would, and Impact’s run on Monday nights only lasted a few months.

Chris Jericho recently talked about the backstage reaction to Impact’s big move on Talk Is Jericho, and he noted that Vince McMahon didn’t feel threatened (via Wrestling Inc).

“[Vince] said, ‘take me out of the equation. You can’t compete with WWE at this point.’ ‘It’s too much of a machine, it’s too much of a brand, it’s just the way it is.’ And he’s right. You’re not gonna [beat] the WWE. You can compete, carve out your own niche, yes. But I also believe that [WWE] has now become entrenched in Americana, pop culture, and the world. It’s not gonna go anywhere.”

Impact Wrestling currently airs on Pop TV on Thursday nights.