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On Saturday night, Kenny Omega faced off against Pentagon Jr. in a singles match at All In, and Omega picked up the victory.

Even though Omega managed to win the match, things didn’t exactly go his way when it was all said and done, because someone who appeared to be Pentagon hit him with the Codebreaker.

However, the mysterious person removed the Pentagon mask to reveal that he was actually Chris Jericho, then he told Omega he’ll see him at the Jericho cruise before leaving through the crowd.

You never know where Jericho might show up, but his appearance at All In was even more unexpected because he had a Fozzy show to play in Kansas on Saturday night.

Following his surprise appearance, Jericho took to Instagram to tell fans that he hid in The Young Bucks’ office from 5:30 PM.

He eventually made his way out to the ring for his segment, then boarded a private jet in order to make it to his Fozzy gig.

From #AllIn to #FozzyMerriam… #wereyousurprised @fozzyrock

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