Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz have been through a lot since they left WWE. They spent a lot of time toiling away in TNA. But now that they’re back home in WWE it is time to get that merchandise machine behind them once again.

WWE is known for their slick advertising and promotional tactics. Their merchandising is second-to-none. In all reality a performer’s push is sometimes determined has just as much by how many t-shirts they’re selling as it how loud their pop is. Both The Hardy Boyz and Kurt Angle came back into WWE’s fold during WrestleMania season and we couldn’t be happier to have them back.

WWE already released a “retro” Hardy Boyz shirt since their return to the company. Kurt Angle also had a couple of shirts released as well. Angle’s WWE Hall Of Fame t-shirt sold out in very quick fashion and he also had a t-shirt with Rob Schamberger’s artwork available as well.

WWE looks like they’re putting the wheels in motion to keep putting on supreme Hardy and Angle merchandise. Of course, fans need to buy it first. WWE doesn’t typically keep making t-shirts for people who don’t move merch.

It is interesting to note the Hardy Boyz new shirt says they are “reborn.” This might be a reference to the fact WWE has seemingly pulled the Hardys’ former gimmick out of the grave to give them a second run. On the same token WWE looks like they buried their previous Broken personas due to legal threats from Anthem Sports.

Kurt Angle’s shirt features his iconic phrase: “It’s true, it’s damn true!” We like it a lot. Both t-shirts also seem to be made from the same style as well with a big logo in the center and words placed around the central design. Each performer’s name is also placed on the back.

They’re really cool and it might be hard to choose which one you want. So we’d suggest you just play an old fashioned game of “eeny meeny miny moe catch a t-shirt by the toe” on this one. Either one you land on will be a winner.

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