WWE has created many memories inside Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. Countless fans have flocked to the famous arena to watch WWE’s best superstars do battle for decades.

On Saturday night, WWE had their final house show inside Joe Louis Arena. There are plans to demolish the building in the very near future. But don’t fret fans in Detroit because the city plans to move the Red Wings and other events to the new Little Caesar’s Arena for more Hot n’ Ready action very soon.

In fact, WWE was the last ticketed event in Detroit’s famous arena and they brought a packed roster to say goodbye. You could say they tore the house down, but there are plans to literally tear the house down very soon so it kind of doesn’t seem appropriate here. One highlight of the show was when Brock Lesnar squared off against one of his SummerSlam opponents, Samoa Joe.

WWE booked Joe to look pretty strong in this match as he did most of the offense. The two moved out of the ring for a bit but soon returned before the ref’s ten count. There was a Coquina Clutch spot that almost had Brock out for the count but he was able to get his foot on the rope just before he blacked out completely.

Overall these two sold well and Brock really put Joe over even though Lesnar was the one getting his hand raised in the end. It really makes us wonder what WWE has planned for SummerSlam because Joe, Braun, or Roman could all win given the right scenario.

The video is pretty funny too because of the commentary by the cameraman and his friend. WWE really needs to track these guys down and give them a tryout.

There are rumors Brock Lesnar is going back to the Octagon to possibly face someone like Jon Jones. Therefore it might be a good idea for WWE to take the Universal Championship off of Lesnar because you never know how a UFC fight (or post-fight drug test) could turn out. If Lesnar’s match against Samoa Joe in Detroit showed fans anything it’s that Brock is not afraid to make someone look good in a match.

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