This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was full of surprises. Fans not only got to see the return of Seth Rollins (for a minute until Triple H demolished his knee with a crutch), but they also got to see the return of Mr. Socko (until Stephanie kicked Mick Foley in the junk). One thing fans might have forgotten by the end of the crazy night was Dana Brooke’s incredible turn on Charlotte Flair.

The fitness model, Brooke has been relegated to a sidekick role since her main roster debut and many fans have already dismissed her as just another muscle-lady who can’t wrestle. Well, she might be a muscle-lady, but she can certainly bash some heads in. Especially, if that head belongs to The Nature Girl.

Brooke lost a match against Sasha Banks and Charlotte got in her face after the match and the confrontation didn’t end well for the 2nd generation former Raw Women’s Champion. Brooke unleashed her anger on Flair and it looked very good. She pummeled her with brutal shots and Char-Char had no choice but to scurry up the ramp looking abused and bewildered.

After Charlotte was able to compose herself, she composed a little social media message directed at her former protege.

It doesn’t look like Charlotte needed to go too far in order to find a new ally though. And when one ally isn’t enough, two are even better. Especially if your friends are former IWGP and current WWE Tag Team Champions. We’re not sure what the “fist bump” “black heart” emojis are supposed to mean, but we’re guessing it’s not a good thing for Dana Brooke.