bobby heenan

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was loved by millions which is why his sad passing affected so many people. It was a pop-culture event when Heenan died and Bruce Prichard recently dedicated an entire podcast to Bobby Heenan’s legendary career.

Although Bobby Heenan was respected in the pro wrestling world, Heenan wasn’t shy about letting people know he didn’t like them. This was one of the things that made him such a unique personality.

It’s well known at this point how little Bobby Heenan liked working with The Ultimate Warrior. Heenan stated in the Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior DVD how reckless he thought Warrior was in the ring and didn’t have any respect for the business.

But Bruce Prichard discussed on Something To Wrestle With how there were a few other people Bobby Heenan hated sharing a ring with.

The Brain also didn’t like working with The British Bulldogs too much either as Prichard explained, “Bobby did not enjoy working with Dynamite [Kid] and Davey Boy [Smith] — especially Dynamite. He just felt they were reckless and too stiff and didn’t take care of him enough.”

It also turns out one person who Heenan managed was also someone he didn’t like sharing a ring with either.

“Going back, Ken Patera was one that Bobby enjoyed managing [but] hated working with. Because Ken was just so damn strong and you know Kenny was Kenny and world’s strongest man at the time. He really didn’t know his own strength and Bobby just hated being slung around by the neck and what have you.”

“But for the most part, Bobby went out and his job was to get people over. He just loved being able to take guys and make them more than they could have been on their own.”

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