vince mcmahon

Some fans remember to The Attitude Era as one of the best periods in pro wrestling history. The WWE locker room was packed with top-notch talent and WWE Superstars were performing in front of packed houses and reaping the rewards on a nightly basis.

Brian Christopher recently opened up on The Roman Show about one time when Vince McMahon brought the locker room together for a speech. He wanted everyone to perform on the same level and in Christopher’s opinion, this is the speech which really sparked The Attitude Era.

“One day Vince put us in a big ballroom and he said, “As of today everyone is going to have attitude,” Christopher said.

Possessing an attitude in that day and age wasn’t just a concept but a lifestyle. The former member of Too Cool then went on to explain how he believed this is one of the biggest differences between wrestlers from then and those performing today.

“I don’t care if you are at the mall, if you are eating at a restaurant, I don’t care if you are at the airport. We had attitude,” Christopher explained. “We didn’t read scripts and stuff like that from writers that write for The Simpsons that’s what done today.”

WWE made a ton of money during The Attitude Era and Superstars certainly felt that success as well via royalty checks. They toppled the competition from WCW and laid waste to their Monday Night War rivals.

Brian Christopher credited the diverse array of attitude-driven talent in WWE for a majority of WWE’s success during that amazing time in their history.

“When you have people like DX, Chyna, Chris Benoit, Hardy Boyz, I can go on and on,” Christopher said. “You can’t compare. We put WCW out of business.”