bray wyatt

Update: This fan has since brought it to our attention that he wasn’t trying to insult Bray Wyatt, but actually put him over.

Bray Wyatt got a lot of people talking on Sunday when he helped Woken Matt Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and it appears that we’ll be seeing the Woken Matt/Bray Wyatt alliance play out on TV in the weeks to come.

It looks like Matt and Bray are gunning for the Raw Tag Team Titles, and that’s what Wyatt is focused on right now, but one fan got his attention when he mentioned his personal life on social media.

It’s no big secret that Bray Wyatt and WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman are more than friends, and the fan decided to talk trash about Bray while referencing their relationship.

He mentioned how JoJo comes from money, before mentioning that some refer to Bray Wyatt as a “fat neckbeard.”

Wyatt decided to respond by reminding the fan of some of his most impressive accomplishments.

It appears that Bray Wyatt truly is changing, and he noted that he finds his newfound freedom “invigorating.”