You can never say never in the world of professional wrestling. After all, fans never thought they would see Goldberg or Jeff Jarrett in WWE again, but both men were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night.

Likewise, there are many who thought they would never see Bobby Lashley in a WWE ring again, and he made his return during the Raw after WrestleMania.

Lashley has said that he returned to WWE so that he can be part of the big matches that fans want to see, and it looks like another former WWE Superstar might be following in his footsteps.

Former WWE United States Champion MVP recently took to Twitter to comment on Lashley’s return, and he said that could be persuaded to return as well if there’s interest on WWE’s end.

Whether or not WWE officials are interested in bringing MVP back remains to be seen, but he seems to be on good terms with the company as he did recently appear in a backstage segment during the Raw 25th anniversary episode.

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