braun strowman

Braun Strowman is one of the most intimidating wrestlers in WWE today. He is massive, and he truly is a Monster Among Men. Braun has destroyed superstar after superstar since breaking out on his own, and no one would ever expect him to apologize to anyone. But apparently he did recently have to apologize to someone, and that someone is reportedly Karen Jarrett.

A few weeks ago, Raw was in Nashville, and GFW had meetings in the city the same day. WWE stars ended up crossing paths with GFW stars, and apparently Karen Jarrett approached Braun Strowman at a bar.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Karen went up to Braun and told him that her son is a huge fan, and she asked for an autograph. Strowman didn’t know who she was, and according to the story, Strowman was rude to her and he blew her off. One version of the story even claims that the Monster Among Men may have sworn at Karen.

Karen Jarrett didn’t react all that well, and she reportedly responded by “cutting a major loud promo” on Strowman and she caused a scene in the bar. While she was going off on Braun, she told him that she would be telling her son’s father about the incident, and she informed him that her son’s father is Kurt Angle.

Strowman then begged her not to tell Kurt, and he also apologized and offered to sign the autograph. Karen told Strowman she was going to tell Kurt, and Strowman offered to get down on his knees and apologize.

According to the story, Strowman did end up getting down on his knees “in front of a lot of wrestlers from WWE” and he begged Karen not to tell Kurt.

Karen then said something about how Braun was only acting that way after he found out the kid she wanted the autograph for was Kurt’s son, and he should have never acted like that to a mother who was trying to get an autograph for her son. The story goes that Braun then agreed and apologized.

Sounds like a pretty crazy night for Braun Strowman.