Bob Holly recently appeared on The Shoot radio show to talk about a variety of topics including why he thinks John Cena hould “shut his trap” about younger guys stepping up and more. You can read some highlights below:

Why Dolph Ziggler should be a world champion:

“I love this guy. He is the best talent. He has everything it takes to be number one. They (WWE) sit there and they’re always preaching that you gotta have the heart, desire and will. You gotta work your butt off and on and on and it’s like Sheamus was the world champion within six months. How did he deserve to be world champion? Don’t insult the fans intelligence by telling them it takes this this this and this to make it to the top when it doesn’t. It’s Hunter’s choice or whoever is at the round table. It’s their choice, but Dolph Ziggler does sell tickets. How many times does Dolph Ziggler have to step it up and say hey look at me? Every time he’s stepping in the ring he’s saying look at me look what i can do. That guy steals the show every single night at house shows, I will guarantee it.”

The WWE Hall of Fame:

“They try to make that Hall of Fame legitimate. But if you notice, to me it’s politically driven. A dead giveaway is Hunter wanting all of his little buddies, his little circle first. He’s taken care of all them. But the thing is, how can you put Lita in the Hall of Fame? Not saying she doesn’t deserve to be there, but how can you put her in there before Chyna? Chyna is the first and only female Intercontinental champion and that’s what drives me nuts because their trying to make this a legitimate hall of fame and it’s obvious they pick and choose who they want in there. If this was pro football or basketball or anything else, Chyna would be in there.” The host then mentioned her not being selected is likely due to her Adult movie roles and publicized issues with drugs and alcohol to which Bob replied, “you look at all the guys who had drug and alcohol problems and they get inducted, come on. She’s done porn so what, who cares? The thing is, she gave a lot to the business and she was a big deal. I’m not defending anybody as to what they choose outside of the wrestling world, but what she gave to the wrestling world was really big.”

Daniel Bryan:

“I’m glad he won the title. He’s another one who worked his tail off and he deserves it. I don’t care about his size. Some people do but it shouldn’t be that way. Wrestling isn’t real, so why should it matter? I think he deserves to be world champion, despite his ups and downs trying to get there. I’m sorry to hear his dad passed away. With the neck surgery though, he needs to stop doing the missile dropkick. Every time i saw him doing that i was like that has got to hurt his neck because it whiplashes your neck. That’s another one he needs to stop doing in addition to the headbutt. My advice to him is enjoy the ride. If they strip the title from him and he never gets to the point where he gets it back, he had it, he made it, enjoy the ride from here on out. He’s still making good money. His merchandise sales are through the roof. Just enjoy the ride, have a good career with WWE and don’t do those two moves.”



  1. I don’t really disagree with him too much on any of the topics mentioned here but he really makes himself come off as a pissed off former employee with an ax to grind