The Hall of Fame is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to look forward to every year. Mostly because I grew up watching most of the stars who have been inducted in recent years. The rumored names going into this years is no different.

Mickie James is being strongly considered for this years HOF. The WWE wants at least one Diva inducted every year and with Trish and Lita inducted, James fits in nicely.

Rikishi is from the Bay Area and Wrestlemania will be in Santa Clara, California this year. It also helps that his sons currently work for the company. Personally, I feel there are other Superstars who made bigger impacts that should be inducted but with that said I was always a Rikishi fan.

Kevin Nash is also rumored. With his good buddy Scott Hall “Razor Ramon” being inducted this year, it only makes sense that Big Daddy Cool’s time has come. The question here is will he be inducted as Kevin Nash or “Diesel?”

The Rock’s name is being tossed around as well this year. It is only a matter of time before the “Great One” takes a stroll out of the Smackdown Hotel and checks into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Rock is a mortal lock for the HOF, it’s just a matter of when.