The Greatest Royal Rumble is in the rearview mirror at this point and several big surprises took place. However, one Superstar was supposedly going to be at the event but he didn’t end up attending. The Big Show wasn’t among those who made the trip even though he was advertised for the show and there’s a pretty good reason for that because apparently he’s injured.

Dave Meltzer noted during the mailbag segment of Wrestling Observer Radio that The Big Show actually suffered an injury about three weeks ago. This could have also been why he didn’t appear at WrestleMania either after he told people he would make the Show Of Shows.

While the extent of his injury isn’t known at this point Meltzer pointed out that Big Show re-injured himself while training to return from his previous injury where he was recuperating after a hip surgery.

Let’s hope it isn’t too bad because The Big Show is in great shape otherwise and could very well have more gas in the tank at this point.

Monday Night Raw is in Montreal this week and all of the Superstars making it to the show are going to have a pretty good story because several of them had to go through a lot to make it.

After they returned to the United States from Saudi Arabia many Raw Superstars discovered that their flights were either delayed or canceled so they had to make the trip up to Montreal by car.

This awful circumstance was certainly the cherry on top for the members of the Raw roster who had to make the trip right after returning from Jeddah. But it might not have been as bad for the female members of the roster since they didn’t have to make the rigorous travel schedule to the Middle East and back.

At this point, though there doesn’t seem to be anyone who will miss the show due to their travel plans being switched around.