titus o'neil

Last week the stars of WWE headed to Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble, and Titus O’Neil got a lot of people talking when he botched his entrance and ended up sliding under the ring.

PWInsider is reporting that everyone backstage lost it when Titus slipped at the Greatest Royal Rumble and the announcers were laughing uncontrollably. WWE officials then decided to air a replay of the botch.

Even though the card for the Greatest Royal Rumble was stacked, the female WWE Superstars didn’t end up competing at the event due to cultural restrictions.

According to PWI, the female WWE Superstars are still being paid as if they were part of the show, and WWE reportedly received a major amount of money for the event.

WWE signed a 10 year deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As of this writing the company hasn’t confirmed when they’ll be returning, but it’s rumored that the next WWE event in Saudi Arabia could take place in November.