big show

The Big Show has always been big, that’s how he got the name. But since his recent hiatus from WWE television, it looks like he’s training to become an even more solid piece of muscle. He’s looking great, to be honest. WrestleMania 33’s big match against Shaq was canceled which is a shame because it would have given him one more massive WrestleMania moment. But it didn’t happen because of reasons and now it probably won’t.

The Big Show needed hip surgery in September which is why Braun Strowman launching him like a lawn dart through the cage after their match took place. The spot from Strowman didn’t necessarily cause Show’s hip injury, but it probably didn’t help. Many thought the Big Show’s career had come to a close because not only has he given 20 years of his giant life to the pro wrestling business but he said Mania 33 would be his last Show Of Shows.

But you can never say never in WWE and it looks like the Big Show might be teasing something big because that’s the only size he knows. He recently posted a picture of himself clangin’ and bangin’ in the gym and he’s looking great.

It appears recovery has gone well from his recent surgery. We can only hope cardio is a part of his workout too because he also used #GiantReturn in his post as well which is certainly exciting to think about.

With WrestleMania coming up soon, who knows if WWE plans on pulling the Big Show out of his much-deserved time off to have him do something in New Orleans? But let’s hope if he does come back for Mania he will have a better role than just another body in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. At this point in his career if Big Show comes back for a program he really does deserve some kind of highlight at the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

One thing’s for sure, Big Show said he’s getting stronger every day so who knows what this could be a sign of?

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