new day

Big E Langston (yeah, that’s right-I said LANGSTON) is obviously an intelligent man. He constantly pops off some of the most ingenious quips during New Day’s on-screen antics and he might have come up with Booty-O’s (we’ll find out if a shoot interview video ever comes out).

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Big E’s talents don’t just restrict themselves to the ring either, even though he is also one heck of a sports entertainer with a great career still in front of him. He is also a cultural anthropologist of sorts.

Today, Mr. Langston proved how great of an observer of society when he questioned why culture is lacking a certain trend.


Everybody has their favorite guilty pleasure movie, and it turns out that one of Corey Graves’ favorite films in this category is shared by a lot of people (not this writer, though, mine is anything with Jack Black).

Corey recently took to Twitter to throw out a simple prose which not only encapsulates his on-screen character’s cutting nature but reveals a little bit of his softer side as well.

WWE cruiserweight Noam Dar replied to Corey Graves’ revelation by commenting in a way that he has been known to recently: with a humorous movie quote.

Everybody has their own opinion of our sitting president, Donald J Trump. Most WWE superstars have stayed silent on the subject due to The McMahon family’s personal relationship with his campaign. However, Shane “Hurricane” Helms is not a WWE employee anymore.

Helms recently took to Twitter to not only restate his already public opinion on Trump, but also send a message directly to him. Trump tweeted out that “We must keep ‘evil’ out of our country,” and Gregory Helms was quick to respond in a way that didn’t hide his opinion whatsoever.

This is undoubtedly a bold act, but then again Hurricane is a superhero and it looks like he’s more than ready for battle.