Carmella is known to love her fans in spite of her heel persona on TV. She recently tweeted a message to a fan who asked her “How you doin’? and had her dap him.

Do you not know what a dap is? We’ve got you covered. We here at Still Real to Us are on the cutting edge of lingo so we looked it up in the dictionary for you, a dap is: caused by fish by letting the fly bob lightly on the water without letting the line touch the water. Just kidding, it’s a fist bump.

Anyway, Big Cass might have some competition because, apparently she already loves this old man.

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano made Bobby Roode’s already Glorious theme song even more popular a while ago when they posted a series of internet videos where they would play the song in Bobby’s presence in various situations. The Glorious Bomb videos went viral and they’re bringing it back to vie for votes in the NXT Year End Awards. This is by far one of the best videos they’ve done not only because they are holding the NXT Tag Team Titles (which they will defend tonight at Takeover with The Authors of Pain), but Roode is in his Glorious entrance attire.

Noam Dar is a young cruiserweight that has years ahead of him and so much potential you couldn’t swing a stick at it. Dar is also a fan of classic cinema, as well as movies where a guy falls in love with his 3rd-grade teacher, sees an imaginary penguin, a clown suffers a massive head wound, and an entire family plummets to their deaths in their car over a steep cliff. That’s right, Noam Dar loves Billy Madison. Mr. Dar Wars recently sent out a tweet from the film that happens to also be the last thing said family yelled right before their death.

CM Punk walked out of WWE soon after the Royal Rumble in 2014, and ever since then, fans have been wondering what the Second City Savoir is up to on Royal Rumble weekend. Punk recently tweeted out an update on his current status to let fans know what his plans are for the day.

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