big e

Big E has been pursuing a singles career for a while now, and recently in the WWE Draft The New Day was split up when Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were sent to Raw, while Big E remained on SmackDown.

It seems that the former Intercontinental Champion is in for a decent push on the SmackDown brand, and during a recent appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast he gave Daniel Bryan credit for his singles run.

“The nice part too is I feel like I have a voice with the SmackDown creative team. We’re able to go back and forth with some ideas and they’re actually listening. Also, I have to give credit to Daniel Bryan because the run, the idea for the solo run was from him, like Bryan is the reason. He’s not just like ‘Hey, Big E…’ but he’s actually a part of the process. He’s the one who said ‘Hey, this is what we should with Big E’ so he’s been behind that and for that I’m really grateful but it feels like an environment where I do have a voice.

I’m not saying that I get to do everything I want to by any means and I also think…I think RAW has a great roster as well, but I love our roster. I look around and I see a lot of talent and a lot of new…especially with this draft. I feel like we got better with the Draft when I look around at the roster and just the opportunity to have some fresh match-ups.”

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H/T Sportskeeda