matt riddle

It seems that the wrestling world is always talking about Matt Riddle, and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Booker T recently discussed the Raw star’s look on his Hall of Fame podcast.

During an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast Booker T addressed Matt Riddle’s ring attire, or lack thereof, when he made it clear that he doesn’t think a world heavyweight champion should be wrestling bare foot.

“Look, I’m not taking anything away from Matt Riddle, but him not wearing boots was the first thing I noticed about him. I know that him flipping off the slippers is cool and how WWE captures it in slow motion, but that’s not the look of a world heavyweight champion.”

“I’m just saying if you’re trying to get to the World Heavyweight Championship or Universal championship, there has always been a certain look that you must have. When I’m talking Matt Riddle, I’m thinking from a promoter’s perspective. That’s all I’m thinking about.”

Following his loss to Sheamus on Raw, Matt Riddle responded to Booker T’s criticism when he posted the following:

“My face whenever Booker T speaks, also my face when I’m not on the raw survivor series team, congratulations to Sheamus #stallion #wwe #raw #bro”

H/T Wrestling Inc.