The Bella Twins’ official YouTube channel just released a video that we’re sure you will want to watch. Really, who else would have guessed going into WrestleMania this year that one of the most entertaining programs they could build would be the mixed tag match with Nikki Bella and John Cena versus Miz and Maryse? But they continued to keep us in stitches and running around yelling, “Oh! That was a sick burn!” the entire time.

Seriously though, if the appeal came out of nowhere for you guys like an RKO you’re not a alone. But, it happened. Those Total Bellas Bulls—- segments coupled with the ability to blur the lines of work and shoot while cutting those promos from both sides have left us really looking forward to this match.

The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel put out a video featuring some behind-the-scenes moments from this feud. It’s really well done too because it is cut together with actual in-ring moments from WWE television. We suggest you check it out if you have a couple of minutes. You can find the video embedded below because we care, therefore we do all the hard work for you.

Speaking of hard work, Braun Strowman knows how to get a good workout in a very conventional sense. Because, how else would you want to prepare for WrestleMania where you’re going to have to throw a bunch of guys over a top rope than cut a boat load of wood?

Well, WWE’s YouTube took us through Strowman’s workout routine and it doesn’t look easy at all. We’re sure he’s still spending plenty of time in the gym or in a parking lot bench pressing Buicks, but cutting all that wood sure has to get him in shape too.

Strowman is a favorite to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania’s kickoff show this year and we can see why. The Monster Among Men looks ready for anything at this point.