It’s been almost four years since fans have seen Batista wrestle inside a WWE ring, but he’s said several times that he’s open to the idea of returning for the right match and the right storyline.

But times change and the next few months are going to be busy for Batista as he’ll be promoting his role as Drax in “Avengers: Infinity War” but he recently spoke with grplgme and he was very open when asked about a possible WWE return.

When asked about a WrestleMania match with John Cena, Batista indicated that it probably won’t happen, but he went on to say that he hasn’t accepted a Hall of Fame induction because he doesn’t feel like his career is over.

“I would love to go back. I’ve been very vocal about that. Never say never. This is why I haven’t accepted a nomination into the WWE Hall of Fame, because I just don’t feel like my career. I still feel like I have plenty to offer, but now it’s a scheduling issue and it’s also a creative issue. Never say never. I’d love to go back.”

Batista’s name seems to be attached to Hall of Fame rumors every year when WrestleMania season rolls around, but now it makes sense as to why he hasn’t been inducted just yet.

It’s safe to say that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be inducted someday, but not before he finishes his career on his own terms.