It’s been far too long since the WWE Universe saw The Animal Batista do his thing in the ring. Let’s face it, as great as it might have been to have Batista make his return to the company leading to WrestleMania XXX, all good things must come to an end even if it wasn’t necessarily the best circumstances.

Batista’s last run was marred by fan resentment of his push wishing Daniel Bryan was receiving the endorsement from WWE’s higher-ups instead. It might not have been the best way to end his character on-screen but sometimes you can’t pick that sort of thing.

“I love being a heel. I feel confident as a heel” The Guardians Of The Galaxy star told MLW Radio’s Writer’s Room in 2016. “I feel comfortable as a heel. People like to see me as a heel. But I can’t be a heel if they’re constant beat me! I’ve got to be a strong heel, so when I put somebody over, it actually means something. I think a lot of people missed that point. I don’t know how they missed it, but what really bothers me about that run as well is while people were so busying chanting ‘CM Punk’ or ‘you suck’ or ‘Bootista’ or Bluetista’, they actually missed a lot of really good wrestling. Like Dolph [Ziggler] and I had some kick-ass matches we threw together at the last second and everybody missed it, man, because they were so busy wrapped up with their ‘CM Punk’ chants or ‘Bluetista’ chants. They missed out on a lot of good wrestling, man, a lot of good, old-fashioned storytelling. It really hurt my feelings that people just missed out on that. It was just a shame.”

Batista recently spoke to The Ross Report where he admitted that he still loved pro wrestling but wouldn’t return unless there were a few conditions in line. He said he doesn’t like “cheap pops” and still has a few complaints about the company.

But he would be willing to come back if they could make it work. However, he wouldn’t want to return for just a one-time deal. Batista said if he returned he would want to work a full program including house shows.

Batista said if he did come back he would want to work with Triple H seeing how it took The Animal three months into his last run for the ring-rust to dissipate. Working with someone like WWE’s COO would certainly minimize his shortcomings and hide his rustiness.

The only issue is working something like that into his busy schedule because his calendar is booking up fast. Another problem is the fact that he never wants to run the risk of an injury and since you can never tell when those are going to happen it could keep The Animal from fulfilling his wish for one more big run.


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