Ryback has been quite an outspoken person following his release from WWE, sharing many of his thoughts about the current WWE locker room on his podcast called Conversation With The Big Guy.

On his latest episode, the former Intercontinental Champion dished out praise to The Miz on becoming one of the biggest heels in the company, before moving on to talk about WWE’s recent releases.

Ryback said that the release of Darren Young saddened him because he was a superstar he was able to work with as part of The Nexus and he felt that they came up through the company together. He also stated that he thinks that Summer Rae will be fine because she was part of a number of projects outside of WWE already.

“With Summer Rae I’m not sure what the deal was. She hadn’t been on television for a while,” he said. “I always got along great with Summer Rae, I’m not there but I don’t know what the situation was with that, but I’m sure she will be fine. She had other things going on besides wrestling.

Ryback then turned his attention to Emma and talked about the reason he thought she was fired. Emma’s release was one of the most shocking of the three, but it seems that Ryback thinks it was her social-media usage that was her downfall.

“With Emma, I know a lot of people thought it was weird because she had a competitive match with Asuka at the pay per view and on Raw,” he said. “I’m sure she’s had good matches on live events as well, but she just wasn’t used on TV in a good fashion; not to say, apparently with Emma supposedly with social media—if you do stuff out of the company guidelines and when you Tweet things about not being used the right way, or about your booking or creative, things like that when you don’t do yourself any favors, just go talk to them if you are not tweeting.”

Whilst many heel stars like Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens are able to use social media to get across their heel character, it seems that Emma was using her Twitter account to slate creative and that wasn’t something that WWE would have found acceptable.

H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription.


  1. Uh, Emma was during her WWE time always at weekends and Mondays tweeting in her heel character (that is supposed to be a jealous heel) and the tweets were also in kayfabe. Not getting chances for the title is a usual heel promo. Also she was tweeting to Kurt Angle who is only in kayfabe the decision maker…
    It is silly that some people think the tweets were actually shoots.