baron corbin

On this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Curt Hawkins made his way to the ring and talked about how he was on a losing streak, and he had lost 199 matches in a row.

Hawkins declared that he would not be upgrading his record to 200, and he interviewed his opponent who was a local competitor from Texas.

Outside the ring was a big table with several trays of tacos, and Hawkins told the fans that after he picked up the win he would be giving everyone in attendance a taco.

But unfortunately the fans didn’t get their tacos, because Baron Corbin made his way down to the ring and attacked Curt’s opponent so that he lost the match by DQ, and then he flipped the table of tacos on Hawkins as the fans booed.

Corbin later made his way to Kurt Angle’s office, and he informed Kurt that Stephanie McMahon wants a checks and balances system on Raw, and he read a letter from the Commissioner which states that Corbin will now be the Constable of Raw.

The letter said that Kurt had been making several questionable judgement calls on Raw, and that Corbin will now be Stephanie’s personal representative who will assist Kurt in his duties as GM.