This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw took place from Hartford, CT and Vince McMahon was backstage for the show. PWInsider reports that Vince arrived around 6 PM and reworked the show by changing the order of matches and segments to fit his vision. According to the report the reconfiguration of the show wasn’t overly stressful or over the top.

It’s also being reported that unlike the last time Vince McMahon was at Raw there wasn’t as much resentment or anger from talent. One talent said that the major difference is that the “band aid has already been ripped off” and the unspoken understanding is that Vince McMahon is back on the throne. Even though Vince McMahon isn’t around every week it’s well known that he’s back in charge and it’s expected that his decrees will be met.

Many of the backstage segments that were presented as live were actually shot about 20 to 40 minutes before talent walked out to the ring. Some of the segments were taped a little later than usual due to the show being reworked.

There were a lot of WWE executives at Raw this week due to the show being close to Stamford, CT where WWE headquarters is located. The belief is that the Raw taping was either sold out or close to it as there were no empty seats in the arena except the seats that needed to be blocked off for production.