WWE is a tricky place to exist. Sometimes all it takes is a gimmick like bodypaint and you have an entirely different chance of winning. It might only make sense in pro wrestling, but isn’t that one of the things you love about it? If it isn’t then you were probably very disheartened to see Finn Balor destroyed by Kane the night after TLC.

Finn Balor arrived in Minneapolis for TLC and defeated AJ Styles in very clean fashion. The match was amazing and WWE gave it time to really play out and tell an excellent story. But for some reason the night after Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles, he came out to give Kane a real challenge but lost.

It looked like Balor was going to pull it off against The Big Red Machine when he hit his Shotgun Dropkick. Kane went flying into the turnbuckle and Finn Balor climbed on top for a Coup De Grace. But Kane snatched Balor off the top turnbuckle and delivered three chokeslams on the first-ever WWE Universal Champion to beat him cleanly in the middle of the ring.

This subject was brought up on Wrestling Observer Radio where Dave Meltzer admitted he had spoken to people who usually defend Vince McMahon’s decisions and even they had no explanation for this creative choice. Needless to say, there was probably just as many questions surrounding this finish backstage as there was for the rest of the WWE Universe.

But since AJ Styles got the pin for his team on Raw and Finn Balor lost then WWE’s 50/50 booking strategy rings even truer. However, it is still not a very good excuse when considering the fact Finn Balor very well might be in line to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in January.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before the Road To WrestleMania kicks off at the Royal Rumble. Therefore, who knows how far Finn Balor will rise? But losing to Kane did him no favors.

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