WWE seems to have their eyes on The Bullet Club, and they made themselves impossible to ignore when they invaded Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago. WWE responded to the invasion by sending The Young Bucks a cease and desist letter, and next month ROH and WWE will both be holding events in San Antonio, TX.

WWE will be bringing NXT TakeOver: WarGames to San Antonio on November 18, and Survivor Series to the city on November 19, while the ROH Survivor of the Fittest Tour will be arriving in the city on November 17. ROH recently posted a video promoting the event, and Ring of Honor World Champion Cody Rhodes invited the McMahons to the show.

“The company that I used to work for, they ignored all other companies, right? And then, up until recently something changed, didn’t you guys just get a cease and desist? And then they stole all my dad’s ideas. You know what, we had this date first. It almost seems like they’re piggybacking off the success of The Bullet Club. But hey, fair play to them. We want everybody to come to our show, including the McMahons who we are offering free tickets, comp tickets to the McMahons.”

Marty Scurll then interjected and said that they should give the McMahons a 10 percent discount instead and Cody agreed. The Young Bucks then proceeded to superkick the cameraman after saying that he looks like he attended Full Sail University which is where NXT is taped.

You can check out the video below.