alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss quickly became one of the top stars in the women’s division after she joined the WWE main roster last year, and now she’s the current Raw Women’s Champion. Bliss has worked hard to secure the top spot on Raw, but unlike some of her peers, she didn’t work the independent scene before getting signed to a contract with WWE.

Bliss was recently asked during an interview with the New York Post if it was hard for her to earn the respect of the locker room since she didn’t work the indies, and she noted that she’s still not sure if she’s earned it yet.

“Oh god, I don’t know if I still have it now. It’s one thing coming in, not being a part of the indies stuff like that and doing well. It’s another to now be part of the indies and be champ. It’s an ongoing thing, but the girls that I work with now are amazing.”

“When I came up to SmackDown I was super nervous. I never really worked with these girls before. I have to say, the group of women I was drafted with to “SmackDown Live” were the most welcoming and most amazing women I’ve ever worked with. We would go on tours, we would go have dinners together and hang out and everyone was so sweet. It was the most refreshing locker room I had ever been in and it is still the best locker room I’ve even been in. Just having Nikki [Bella] there we had so much fun.”

Alexa Bliss has come pretty far over the past year, and she’s set to be featured on the new season of Total Divas. When asked what fans can expect to see from her on the show, she noted that we’ll be seeing how she got her pig, Larry-Steve.

“Oh gosh. You probably won’t see me be mean as much. That is probably the biggest difference. I’m not nearly as mean. You get to see how the schedule affects me and Murphy and you will get to see that I get a (pet mini) pig Larry-Steve. You will see pretty much everything about Nia and I’s friendship.”

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