When WCW went under, that meant the end of Starrcade, but WWE officials decided to resurrect Starrcade over the weekend when they used the name for a live event in Greensboro, NC.

Starrcade isn’t the only WCW concept that was brought back recently, as the War Games match was also used at the most recent NXT Takeover event.

According to PWInsider, Michael Hayes is the one who pitched the idea for WWE to bring Starrcade back, and he pitched the idea back in June. Hayes noticed a WWE live event was booked for Greensboro on Thanksgiving weekend, and he pitched the importance of using the Starrcade name. The idea was then approved by Vince McMahon and announced a few months later.

Michael Hayes was also the one who wrote the show and his goal was to put the focus on paying tribute to names who were important to the market during the Jim Crockett Promotions era.

WWE is looking at Starrcade as a success as the market seemed to view the show as something special, and there was a huge bump in interest compared to the last time WWE held an event in Greensboro.

WWE officials are already talking about bringing the event back next year.