jeff hardy

Fans have been waiting a long time to see The Hardy Boyz come home, and Sunday night they returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Matt and Jeff Hardy didn’t just return on Sunday night, they also procured more gold when they won the Raw Tag Team Titles.

The Hardys won the Raw Tag Team Titles in an action packed ladder match, and it just so happens that it wasn’t even the first ladder match the team had competed in that weekend.

Saturday night Matt and Jeff Hardy defended the ROH Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks in a ladder match at Supercard of Honor, and The Young Bucks managed to win the belts. After the match The Hardys told The Young Bucks that tag team wrestling is safe with them, then the two teams went their separate ways.

Original plans called for the teams to feud for several months, as it’s well known that before everything went south, The Hardys intended to sign new deals with Impact Wrestling.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that over the course of a few months The Hardys were set to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles, and the two teams planned to battle on both ROH and Impact programming. The Young Bucks eventually would have won the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles in order to gain leverage over The Hardys.

The plan was then to blow off the feud with a ladder match which would have ended in a draw of sorts with The Hardys winning back the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles, and The Bucks winning back the ROH Tag Team Titles before returning to their respective companies.

On another Jeff Hardy related note, Jeff is now once again allowed to travel and wrestle in the UK. Previous charges stemming from a 2009 arrest prevented him from traveling in the UK until October of 2016, but he is now free to work overseas tours with WWE.