CM Punk is back in WWE and now everyone is talking about potential feuds for the Second City Saint. It was recently reported that Punk is expected to feud with Roman Reigns at some point, but it doesn’t sound like it will be happening any time soon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a Roman Reigns vs. CM Punk match is the ultimate direction, but for now the company is taking a lot of time getting there. The feeling is that the match will be gigantic whenever WWE decides to get there. There are a number of different ways WWE could approach the match with Paul Heyman possibly aligning with CM Punk and Roman Reigns turning face.

One major star reportedly noted that if WWE wants to go in that direction then they should do so within the next six months because of potential injury risk or uncertainty regarding CM Punk.

When it comes to CM Punk it’s believed that he knows full well the dynamic is different in WWE as he doesn’t have as much power as he did in All Elite Wrestling. If CM Punk were to go into business for himself on a live mic WWE may let him get away with it once, but it’s doubtful they would let it happen twice.

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