wwe draft

The WWE Draft kicked off on Friday Night SmackDown last week, and the big event is set to continue tonight on Monday Night Raw. PWInsider reports that WWE is being extremely secretive about the script for tonight’s episode of Raw.

It’s being said that many people who are are usually aware of what’s going to happen on the show by now are completely in the dark in regards to what’s in the plans.

It’s also being reported that many of the talents who were drafted during Talking Smack over the weekend were in the dark as well. PWI claims that they heard from several talents who only became aware of the moves that were made when they found out about them on social media.

One WWE source defended the company noting that the draft picks don’t take effect for three weeks, so it’s not as if anyone “found out on Saturday they were now traveling to Raw at the last second.”

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.