tj perkin

The landscape in WWE is changing, as the parted ways with three wrestlers and one producer a few days ago.

Tye Dillinger, TJP, Hideo Itami and Arn Anderson are no longer with the company, and it was recently reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that TJP’s release was for disciplinary reasons.

It’s being said that WWE isn’t looking to fire anyone right now, so TJP’s release was surprising, but it had nothing to do with cost cutting or lack of creative.

TJ Perkins joined WWE in 2016 when he won the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, and became the Cruiserweight Champion in the process.

He was one of the main stars in the cruiserweight division when the division was first launched, but he was struggling to find a spot on the card prior to his release.

TJP has been openly talking about his WWE release on social media, and he recently shot down a rumor claiming that WWE was upset because he got tattoos.

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