vince mcmahon

Four names were let go from WWE last week, and one of them happened to be longtime WWE producer Arn Anderson.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s departure surprised many, and it looks like an incident involving Vince McMahon may have been what led to Arn’s exit.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that details are scarce, but Arn Anderson was fired following an incident with Vince McMahon. Something happened at a house show that “wasn’t handled well.” Some people sided with Arn, and some people sided with Vince, but in the end Arn Anderson took the blame.

According to the report, Arn and Vince weren’t on the best of terms, and there had been a lot of situations over the years, and there were said to have been times when Arn agreed with talents when they spoke up about bad creative ideas.

However, Arn had the support of Triple H and John Cena, and it’s being said that this most likely would not have happened if John Cena was still around.

When it comes to working as an agent, Arn is well liked among talents, and a lot of people feel he’ll end up in AEW.