A number of weeks ago a masked figure known as the Devil started appearing on AEW programming, and since then fans have been trying to figure out who it might be. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media with some fans predicting that it’s CM Punk or Britt Baker.

Fightful Select reports that multiple sources confirmed the people wearing the masks in the Devil segments are the people planned for the eventual reveal. It’s being said that several people in the company know the identities of the devil and his masked allies, but it’s being kept quiet.

People who have spoken on the subject are of the belief that CM Punk is not the person who will be revealed as the Devil. Punk has not been portraying the person wearing the mask and it would be a huge work on people in the know if he was revealed.

It’s also been confirmed that Britt Baker is not the person under the mask either. Baker recently claimed during an interview that she’s not the Devil and it’s believed that her comments were not meant to be a swerve.

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