The wrestling landscape has changed in a big way over the last few weeks thanks to the formation of All Elite Wrestling, and on Tuesday the company announced several new signings.

Of course another wrestling company provides WWE Superstars with an opportunity to jump ship, but it remains to be seen if anyone will be leaving WWE for AEW.

Fightful is reporting that they reached out to several WWE talents and asked them to comment on AEW under the condition of anonymity, but noted only half of the talents responded, and some wrestlers stated that they didn’t even feel comfortable making anonymous comments about the company.

However, the consensus among wrestlers who did respond was that more places to work is seen as a positive, but some talents haven’t been clued in to AEW’s business model.

There are said to be some wrestlers in WWE who have known about the company since September. Those who are most familiar with AEW seem to think it’s a legitimate venture that has a shot at making it due to how in tune with wrestling the key players are.

Another wrestler noted that they think Impact Wrestling will take the biggest hit from AEW’s formation, while others said that All Elite will help fill the contract void left by Lucha Underground.

If you could see any current WWE Superstar jump ship and join AEW, who would it be?