AEW’s Double Or Nothing Rally took over Jacksonville on Tuesday, and several new signings were confirmed.

At the end of the event, Chris Jericho made a surprise appearance, and he got a lot of people talking when he confirmed that he’s officially joined All Elite Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes commented on the rally via Wrestling Inc after it was all said and done, and he noted that they held some things back because they wanted Jericho’s arrival to be the big moment of the rally.

“To have Chris Jericho here today, to give us what we call in the wrestling industry, ‘the rub,’ and for him to—no pun intended—go all in with All Elite Wrestling, I want that to be the news today. So, that meant we held some things back because we want to do this thing slow, we want to do it correct.”

Brandi Rhodes also commented on a potential TV deal for AEW, and she teased that something will be announced sooner than later.

“[Being on TV] is always the goal for everything. As [Cody] said we are a startup and we are in some ‘baby phases’ right now. What I can say is more information on that will definitely be forthcoming sooner than later.”

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