Last year “Arrow” star Stephen Amell found himself in a feud with Cody Rhodes while Rhodes was working as Stardust, and the feud culminated in a tag team match at SummerSlam. Stephen Amell and Neville managed to defeated King Barrett and Stardust, and now Amell seems to have his eye on another WWE star.

Chris Jericho has managed to turn the List of Jericho into one of the most popular things in all of wrestling, and Stephen Amell knows a thing or two about lists.

During the first season of “Arrow” Stephen Amell’s character, Oliver Queen, was on a mission to bring justice to his city as he crossed names off a list that was given to him by his father.

Stephen Amell decided to have a little fun with Chris Jericho by telling him that the List of Jericho seems familiar.

Chris Jericho fired back and told the “Arrow” star to mind his own business.

We all know how important the List of Jericho is to Chris Jericho, and now it looks like there’s a pretty good chance that Stephen Amell will be added to the List of Jericho.

Chris Jericho should just be thankful Oliver Queen never found his name on his father’s list, because quite a few of those names ended up dead.