alexa bliss

You never know when someone could get injured out of nowhere and this kind of thing is something nobody ever plans for. Alexa Bliss created a large following and a steady position for herself on Raw at this point but after her recent Raw Women’s Title loss at WrestleMania and failing to recapture her title at Backlash it looks like Bliss could have even more bad news. Because apparently, Little Miss Bliss suffered some kind of shoulder injury during her hard-hitting match against Nia Jax in Newark, New Jersey.

There is a reason why Jim Ross always used to say, “this ain’t ballet” and Alexa Bliss apparently learned that this was the case first-hand. Bliss battled Nia Jax at Backlash in a failed attempt to regain her Raw Women’s Title and after the match, it looked like she was pretty banged up. But a new report might mean things aren’t looking very good for the 5 Feet Of Fury. reported that Alexa Bliss was injured during her Raw Women’s Title match against Nia Jax. It was said that she suffered some sort of a shoulder injury but things are pretty up in the air at this point seeing how the event just took place and they’ve had no time to really look at it.

It was reported that Bliss is set to undergo further testing soon for a full evaluation. Hopefully, she will be okay because it would be a shame for Alexa Bliss to get written out of the storyline especially with an important event like Money In The Bank coming up soon.

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