Nia Jax chased Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title and overcame the odds of her pint-sized bully’s tactics. WWE pushed Jax until there was no other option but to give the title to The Rock’s cousin at WrestleMania. To her credit, she has improved a lot since her start on the main roster and certainly since her NXT days but there is still a problem with Nia Jax because it’s hard to book someone that powerful.

In all honesty, while totally deserving to be Raw Women’s Champion she should be chasing the title instead. She’s a top babyface and a Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls so WWE has to be very careful about who to book her against as the champion.

Alexa Bliss is out of the Raw Women’s Title picture since her loss at Backlash which is doubly true if her shoulder injury is legit. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Live how Ruby Riott could be the next challenger for Jax’s title. This would make sense seeing how she’s a heel who has won a couple recent big matches. It could also help further the story of Nia Jax constantly fighting against the odds and overcoming bullies.

But instead of letting Nia Jax win this one to give a “B A Star” speech after her match, it might be best to let Ruby Riott win. Not only is the Riott Squad highly entertaining but they can also produce results in the ring. The trio also draws incredible heat at house shows and even though there’s a portion of the audience who loves Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan that would only stand to work to their benefit.

Whichever way WWE goes with Nia Jax’s next opponent they need to be careful. There’s a reason why they never gave the WWF Championship to Andre The Giant and when they finally did he immediately turned the title over to Ted DiBiase thus vacating it and causing another matter entirely. I’m not calling Nia a giant, but she’s not like most and you need to book her against people who could actually stand a chance of beating her. Ronda Rousey is always around but it’s probably too soon for her to be in that kind of a match.

The Riott Squad might have what it takes to beat Nia Jax but then again with Money In The Bank coming up, they might just have Jax sit at ringside as she watches her possible competitors fight for a chance to challenge her.