alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have been working as a duo on WWE programming for a little while now, and Nikki has been scoring some big opportunities for Bliss.

Even though Bliss and Cross have been paired up, they’re still primarily viewed as singles wrestlers, but Alexa Bliss has indicated that they want to be part of the women’s tag team division.

The former Raw Women’s Champion spoke to Sports Illustrated about what’s to come for her and Nikki Cross, and she noted that if fans are going to give their team a name she would prefer that it have something to do with caffeine.

“A lot of people on social media have tried to create a tag team name for the two of us, and the one Nikki likes is something like Blissful Cross. I’d prefer we have a name that is more caffeine-related. Nikki is always so hyper and I love coffee, so that might make more sense for us. Given the opportunity, we’d like to be in the women’s tag division. Right now, I’m focused on my friendship with Nikki. I’m getting tired of people telling Nikki that I’m using her, especially Becky Lynch.”

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