aj styles

AJ Styles and John Cena are both professional wrestling veterans and they’ve been around the block more than a few times. Cena has been on top of the WWE for over 12 years now and AJ Styles finally arrived on the scene in early 2016.

Styles has worked with the best of the best in the independent scene and Cena has worked with the best of the best in the WWE. As soon as they started feuding with each other it was obvious that the two stars had a lot of chemistry and over the past few months John Cena has praised AJ Styles numerous times.

Together AJ Styles and John Cena put on some of the more memorable matches in recent years, and during a recently appearance on Lilian Garcia’s “Making Their Way to the Ring” Styles acknowledged that he learned a lot from working with the 16 time WWE World Champion.

“When you’ve got a guy who has been in the business just as long as you have, but he’s been in the ring with so many amazing performers in the WWE, and I’m talking about John Cena. You can learn a thing or three from this guy, and a half. It was such a blessing to get in the ring with someone like him; to learn from him, because the WWE is completely different than the independents, or this place or that place, or Japan. It’s different.”

When AJ’s feud with John Cena first kicked off, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were involved as well. AJ was eventually moved to SmackDown where he still remains and The Club was split up because Anderson and Gallows are currently on Raw.

It’s no big secret that AJ Styles is close with Anderson and Gallows and he admitted that he wanted them to make the jump to WWE with him.

“[WWE] were like, well we’re just interested in you right now. I’m like, um OK. That same week they go, no, we want all of you. So it was like, yes! I didn’t want to pull them away and then get their hopes up and then oh, sorry guys, just kidding. So I’m so glad that they got to come with me and it made a huge difference.”

You can check out the full episode below and you can also download Lilian Garcia’s show on iTunes by clicking here.