aj lee

It’s been several years since fans have seen AJ Lee or CM Punk wrestle inside a WWE ring, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping that one, or both of them, will return someday.

AJ Lee has been busy over the past few years working on and promoting her book “Crazy Is My Superpower” but she still finds time to keep her marriage with Punk fun.

The former WWE Divas Champion recently took to Twitter to share a little inside info about their relationship, and she revealed exactly what CM Punk does every time she eats a banana.

AJ posted the following:

Luke Gallows recently spoke with Sky Sports, and he was asked about The Young Bucks possibly joining WWE someday. Gallows said that he hopes they sign with WWE someday, and they owe it to themselves to join the company.

“I hope the Young Bucks come in. I think they’re highly, highly talented and if you want to make your mark in sports entertainment, if you want your name to go down in the annals of sports entertainment history, you absolutely have to come to WWE.”

“This is the pinnacle. It doesn’t get bigger than this. There’s no bigger worldwide stage than WWE. So I think the Young Bucks owe it to themselves to come out here and thrive.”

“Japan is a great place to wrestle but WWE is a worldwide platform and you can’t beat that. Their reach is all across the world.”