Recently fans have been talking about the status of Kevin Kelly and his role with AEW as he was removed from the company’s roster page, and now it appears that he is done with the promotion.

PWTorch is reporting that Kevin Kelly’s social media posts last weekend cost him his job with All Elite Wrestling. It was noted that Kevin Kelly got a lot of attention on Twitter when he accused ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni of sabotaging his career when he posted the following:

“When you go out of your way to intentionally mischaracterize my raising awareness of the global horrors of child trafficking to a fringe conspiracy theory that everyone knows is b******t in order to hurt my career and standing in the industry, that at the very least is libelous”

Kevin Kelly also expressed unhappiness with his position in AEW when he added, “But the idea of what I bring to the table is lost there because Ian libeled me. So I sit on the bench, valued by my peers, waiting to get my number called, keep asking why but get pushed aside. It’s okay, because there is no one better than me. Ask the ones that know and they’ll tell you.”

Kevin Kelly was originally part of the announce team when AEW Collision launched last year. However, Tony Schiavone ended up taking over a few months into his run and it’s being said that Kelly’s performances were viewed as subpar within AEW.