The Rock returned to WWE last month to seemingly set up a WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns, but fans didn’t react well to that idea. Shortly after The Rock returned fans of Cody Rhodes made it clear that they want to see Cody vs. Roman at WrestleMania, so The Rock turned heel and aligned himself with The Bloodline.

Recently John Cena spoke to Chris Van Vliet about The Rock’s heel turn, and he indicated that he’s waiting to see how things play out with The Great One moving forward.

“I’d have to see the end result, and I love being surprised and I also love saying that I’m wrong, because I’ve been wrong about a lot of stuff. When I say, ‘I’m wrong,’ that means I’m just about to learn something that I’m not going to forget. I think Dwayne Johnson is such an attraction, I think The Rock is such an attraction I don’t think our audience angry with him.” 

While talking about the negative reaction to The Rock returning John Cena pointed out that there were zero refunds for WrestleMania despite the fact that the video of The Great One’s return was one of the most disliked videos in WWE history.

“The metric to look at for me is how many people don’t want to see the show. My instinct would say, stay the course and the show is an infinite loop, the treadmill never stops. So, if your expectations change in April, what’s to say we can’t fulfill them next April?”

H/T Wrestling Inc.